Shopify integration isn't working. Not tracking Placed Orders. Product catalog isn't updating.

  • 2 March 2022
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I’m not sure what happened but my tracking isn’t working properly. It has been about 45-50 days since Klaviyo has tracked placed orders. I have updated Shopify integration, added codes manually, checked this forum with no avail. Please help me figure this out. 


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Hi @Char,

Thanks for the update. 

Can you confirm that your account had received data for woocommerce and you could pull that data in before? 
Assuming everything you did was correct and you correctly installed Shopify’s tracking and there is no other issue with your integration, we would have to take a deeper dive into the account.

This can be done by reaching out to support (which I have seen you did) and I also would advise to reach out to Shopify’s support to see what the integration issue is. The data should have been going through if everything was correctly done so we would need to take a deeper look into your account but we cannot do that in the Community. 


Thank you for your patience,


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Hi @alex.hong 

Yes, I switched from WooCommerce to Shopify. I did change the metrics in the Performance Dashboard and replicated my flows to update the triggers. 

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Hi there @Char,

Thanks for posting to the Community.

Indeed it is difficult to understand what might be going on unless we can see your account but I do have a few questions. 

Did you happen to migrate from one integration to Shopify? Could you please go to your Performance Dashboard and confirm if Shopify's Placed Order is selected from the dropdown? Some customers have seen that when migrating, they forget to change the setting for the Placed Order metric in the campaign overview. If you open any campaign that shows $0.00 revenue for Placed Order and then click on Placed Order in the overview you could see a dropdown menu showing duplicate metrics. All the duplicate metrics are each one from your prior integration and one from Shopify. You need to test which metric shows the revenue since there is unfortunately no identifier shown between these metrics in the dropdown. 

For reference please also see our help article: Available Campaign Analytics, specifically chapter Individual Campaign Activity Overview.




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Tricky. Like I mentioned, I personally would need some more firsthand information to poke around. Hopefully someone else can ask different questions or offer something else to get us started. 

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I have. That’s how I found the code to manually add to my site. 

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I’ll be interested in what others have to say. I can’t imagine knowing where to start without having direct access to your site and to Klaviyo to be able to go in and poke around. 

Have you read the Klaviyo troubleshooting docs?