Shopify subscribers not syncing to Klaviyo

  • 6 April 2024
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Hello! I’ve searched past threads and not found an answer to this question that seems relevant. Hopefully someone can help! 

I’ve setup the Shopify / Klaviyo integration and everything seems to be working great - except for the syncing of subscribers who check the marketing check box at checkout to a list in Klaviyo. I’ve got my Sync settings setup as follows: 


But when a subscriber checks out and checks the box, they are not put in the proper list (Newsletter - from Checkout.) They ARE syncing in the sense that a profile is created for them, and they’re going into the ‘Ecommerce Users’ segment, but they’re marked ‘Never Subscribed’ with ‘Accepts Marketing’ = True.


Is there something I’m missing that will get these subs into the proper newsletter folder and mark them as subscribed in Klaviyo?


I’m using the Dawn theme in Shopify (if that’s relevant)


Thank you!


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1 reply

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… and I think I’ve fixed it by removing the double opt in. I also noticed that it didn’t work when I used my personal testing email that I’d already deleted from Klaviyo. Using a testing email (myname+test@gmail) worked perfectly.