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  • 9 October 2021
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I really want to get this Viewed product script to work and I’ve been trying for three months now. I’m using Shopify and just to start from scratch, I completely removed all instances of the Viewed Product code from the entire store, so with that being said, I should show that the integration should be off, but my store is showing the integration enabled. 


So assuming that this is correct and the Viewed Product integration checks out and is working, then why am I getting Blank products as per the image. When Blank products show up, then it sends an email to the customer automatically, but the email looks broken, because no product image is attached. How do I stop broken product views. 

I know this is a known issue, because I’ve seen others posting about it and there is no resolution. 




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2 replies

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This is all sorted out, because I’m using Gempages on my Shopify cart, the Product Liquid page has been altered. So I had to install the code on the Theme Template page. So that took care of some stuff. 

The other thing I did was create a Flow filter to not include anyone in the flow, where the Product ID was not present. So that eliminated all of the false emails. 

Hope this helps someone else. 

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Hi @jmacman,


Thanks for posting this to the Community. It’s always helpful to get these sorts of things in here so we have more visibility for ourselves and other Community members to see how to solve this issue.


The first thing to note is that if you wanted to disable/remove an integration fully, you would have to navigate to your account's Integrations tab and click on the relevant integration.

In the upper righthand corner, you will see two options: Disable and Remove

Disable will disable the integration, but settings information you might have shared (including credentials) will still be stored by Klaviyo's backend. This means that if you later decide to re-enable the integration, this information will repopulate automatically to facilitate this process.

Remove will disable the integration and remove all its stored information stored from Klaviyo's backend. This means that all settings, etc. will be fully removed from Klaviyo. If you choose to re-enable the integration in the future, no prior historical settings -- such as credentials -- will repopulate.


Our viewed product snippet is designed to pull the image URL present on your product page. If the image URL is blank or missing, we cannot pull it in. Unfortunately the issue is on the Shopify side rather than Klaviyo, so you will need to either reach out to Shopify to resolve this or work with a developer. Please go here and make sure you copy the entire snippet into you store. 

Additionally, we have a great Community post outlining this issue and the reasoning:

This post above goes into detail about why product data is not being pulled. By resetting your integration, being thorough when copying code in, and following documentation and guidance, you can have your viewed product email working good as new.


Hope this helped!