Using Klaviyo rather than Yotpo to send review requests.

  • 20 June 2022
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Hi all -

We are currently using Yotpo for customer reviews for our Shopify site. While we are happy with the results, we wish that their triggers were more sophisticated. We can only use purchased date -- rather than fulfilled date -- for triggering the review sends. That makes it difficult in this world of supply chain issues, backorders, preorders, and of course many products in stock to send the review request at the right time. 

I suspect the answer is no, but has anyone worked out a way to use Klaviyo to send the review request on behalf of Yotpo, while still having a good customer experience? 

Thanks in advance for any insight!





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Hi @sunny.delaney, welcome to the community!

There’s definitely some advantages of sending review requests via Klaviyo - along with what you mentioned, you also get better analytics, A/B testing, and the options to send more personalized and possibly conditional emails - not to mention improved deliverability and design consistency.  On the Yotpo side however, Yotpo has some advance features like in-email reviews when an email client supports it, and some smart intelligence capabilities.

You can always trigger your own post-purchase (or fulfillment) review request emails in a Klaviyo Flow.  You just have to be a bit selective on how you approach it as Yotpo does a bit of “intelligence” around multi-product reviews if someone purchases more than one item - for example it will request the Review of the most expensive product first or the “least reviewed product first.”  You can replicate this with some Flow branching or some conditional checks in your Flow, but Klaviyo won’t know which product has the “least reviews” so you may want to shuffle your logic periodically. 

If those functionalities aren’t important to you, then simply create a Flow with email(s) that leads people back to the product page for review.  You can build a template just as good as Yotpo with the product images, product links, product names, etc with the the Flow trigger’s event variables.  It’s even better if you use a “anchor” that scrolls down to the review portion of the page or if you have a way to pop up the review as a modal - this will require your developers to implement for you.  

Creating your own review request Flows takes a bit of extra work, but I think its well worth it as you’ll have more control over the emails that are sent and all the benefits of sending it out of Klaviyo.

Hope this helps!