Why can't I create campaign with My Shopify Connector Flow?

  • 16 July 2022
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Thanks in advance for the help. I am creating a Shopify Flow that will trigger Klaviyo to send an email to a specific list of customers when I turn a new product in a specific collection to active. 

This will allow me to alert customers who have previously purchased a product in a specific collection that a new product has been added to that collection. 

Here is my flow:


I have input all of the correct information into the “Create a Campaign” action on the flow: API Key, List ID, Template ID, Sender Email Address, Sender Name, Subject, Campaign Name - I also enabled smart sending, just in case we add several products to the collection at a time - it won’t bombard customers with a bunch of the same email. 

When I turn the flow on, the “Checked if...” portion of my flow is successful, but this is the error message I receive regarding the Create a Campaign. 

All of the blacked-out information is correct. 

I appreciate the help! I would really love to see this flow work. 


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Hi there @CoffeeRoaster


Welcome to the Community! Thanks for sharing your question about Shopify connectors with us! 


While I’m happy to help troubleshoot elements and features built within Klaviyo and we have created documentation explaining how the Shopify Flow and the Klaviyo Connector work, because Shopify Connector Workflows are built within Shopify, you need to utilize Shopify support resources in order to figure out the error here. However, in my experience, users typically run into issues if they don’t include a List they wish to or only wish to send to one recipient, not in a list. However, you’ve seemingly set this up correctly. I’d recommend checking out these additional resources as well that might help illuminate the solution:

  1. Connectors in Shopify Flow 
  2. Workflow examples from Shopify Help Center doc
  3. 14 top workflows blog post 


I hope these resources help and you find a solution together with Shopify! Once you do, would you mind posting it here to potentially help educate other users who might run into the same issue in the future? I know it would greatly benefit our Community!