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  • 8 April 2021
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Hi, I am using woocommerce and the klaviyo integration works pretty well with the Klaviyo plugin.

That said, I am really trying to focus now on capturing emails of customers. When customers checkout through the normal checkout process, it works great, they are shown the opt in checkbox and then correctly added to our list.

However, a large percentage of our customers use PayPal express checkout and are taken to a separate checkout / order confirmation page where the opt in checkbox is not displayed. This is not ideal as I am missing out on all of these potential subscribers.

What I would like to achieve is to keep the opt in on the standard checkout as it currently is, and also to add it to this checkout page too when they checkout through PayPal express. The name of the plugin used for PayPal express is ‘WooCommerce PayPal Checkout Gateway’.

Thanks in advance!


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4 replies

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Hi, I’m just following up on this. I revisted this topic again as it was still bugging me to be missing out on these subscribers and I had my own plugin developed to solve it, so if anyone else is having the same issue then get in touch :)

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Hi @mburke 


I just wanted to pop in here and provide this guide to collecting GDPR compliant consent for your future reference. As well as some FAQ's if you’re looking to do some deeper research.


I hope this helps!


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Hi, thanks for the reply and for taking the time to explain, I really appreciate it.

To be honest, I’m not that comfortable messing around with APIs. Maybe it will be worthwhile at some point in the future to hire someone to do this for me but it’s probably not feasible right now. There’s an extra layer of complexity too as I am in the UK so must comply with GDPR. 

For the time being I’ve just embedded a sign up form front and centre to encourage people to sign up after they complete their purchase.

Thanks anyway :)

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Hi @mburke,

Thank you for sharing this information with the Klaviyo Community.

I’m glad to hear everything is working well with the standard checkout page. Since the “Accepts Marketing” portion of the integration is handled by the WooCommerce plugin, we currently do not have a way to enable this functionality on Klaviyo’s end for another payment gateway, like the PayPal express checkout page. You may be well advised to verify with WooCommerce to see if they can assist you further with replicating the “Accepts Marketing” functionality for the other checkout gateway plugin.

Alternatively, you can send us a custom metric when someone continues through the PayPal express gateway using our Track API. The custom metric could then be used to trigger a flow or set a custom property on the profile, like “Accepts Marketing”. I am also including a reference guide on the Track API for your convenience here. If you’d also like to subscribe users to a list, you would use our List V2 API.

Thanks and have a great weekend.