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  • 27 January 2022
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Hi there,


I manage account for client and they have about 3k profiles in the list, Klaviyo shows 7k+ active profiles under Profiles tab which is more than 2x the number of actual profiles they have


I do not want the client to pay fore more than they actually have, so any clarification would help 




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Hi @deggial,

Thank you for sharing this question with our community,

To better understand pricing, it’s also helpful to understand what is considered an Active Profile in Klaviyo. For a full-length explanation, I recommend reviewing our documentation What is an Active Profile? In short, an active profile is a profile that either joins one of your lists or performs an action that adds them to Klaviyo without necessarily joining a list.  This is the reason you’re seeing more users that are Active than in the list.

For example, Klaviyo creates a profile for any customer who has historically placed an order within your integrated ecommerce store or makes a purchase on your ecommerce store, if a user abandons a cart, or views a product. These users may not be in a specific list, but they are considered active profiles.

Klaviyo charges for total number active number of profiles in your account.

So, to ensure your. client is being charged the correct amount, follow the steps in A Guide to List Cleaning which will guide you through suppressing unengaged profiles. Suppressing unengaged profiles will drop your total active profile count down. From there, you can adjust your plan to align with the new number of total active profiles. In order to be billing compliant, your plan should always accommodate the total number of active profiles.

I hope that is helpful