Add Member in List Through APi

  • 25 March 2022
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      When i Add member in list through rest api . In Profile List Page profile is showing by email id not by first name and last name but when same data import through csv manually, then on profile listing page its show with first name + last name. i wanna same when i add data through api.


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Hi @MayankShoree - welcome to the community!

Can you give us some code snippets or examples to help you troubleshoot?  I suspect that If you are using the API to upload profiles and not seeing those values, make sure you are assigning the First and Last names to the reserved special properties (prefaced with the $):

$first_name: string
$last_name: string

That will assign those values to the Profiles First and Last name and not your own custom “First Name” or “Last Name” custom properties.