Adding an Array of values to a Profile Property

  • 15 September 2021
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Hi everyone!

I’m currently experimenting for an upcoming Oktoberfest Sale that we’re going to have this weekend.

What I wanted to achieve was to be able to pass multiple values to a single Profile property.

I have product blocks that showcases our products where subscribers can vote to show their interest.

Let’s say my property is Products Interested in for Oktoberfest Sale and it should be able to accept single/multiple values depending on the subscribers response like:

Profile 1: Products Interested in for Oktoberfest Sale: Creme

Profile 2: Products Interested in for Oktoberfest Sale: Creme, Shampoo, Mask

I was able to achieve it by following this guide. However, I wanted to allow the profile property I’m updating to accept multiple values and not just one.

I’ve tried it with the current setup and the data is just being overwritten to the most recent selection.

Is what I’m trying to do achievable using links to update profile properties? If so, how do I do it? I can’t seem to find any resource or related issue for this one.

Would love to hear your thoughts! Especially those who played around with it before or managed to do the same :)


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Hi @benedictpayot


Thanks for sharing your idea with us! You are correct, you are able to add multiple values to a single Profile Property. The kind of Data Type that can hold multiple entries is called an Array or List Data Type. It was a good idea to potentially update Profile Properties by Using Buttons or Links, however, this option isn’t good for storing Array Data, as it can only hold one value. This is the reason why you’re seeing the data currently being overwritten. A potential workaround would be to send a Campaign to the audience you want to target and call them to update their ‘Manage Preference Page’ to reflect what products they’re interested in. You can update your ‘Manage Preferences’ Page in your account to include a checkbox with all the options of products you want to include, as checkboxes are designed to hold multiple values at once.





I’d recommend checking out these other posts by the Community on updating their ‘Manage Preferences’ Pages to accomplish the same thing:


An additional option would be to create a Klaviyo Form to display only to your intended List/Segment of current subscribers and use a Checkbox option to collect the List Data. 


Thank you for sharing in the Community!