Anyone using Klevu search with Klaviyo?

  • 16 February 2023
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We are looking at changing our search functionality and note that Klevu integrates with Klaviyo eg ‘search started with Klevu can be set as a trigger for a flow?


3 replies

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Hi @SeanMcC


Thanks for starting this conversation! 


We highlighted this integration in  our November product update. Klevu helps customers who use Klaviyo and Klevu can now take full advantage of search data (full search terms, subjects, and more)  to power personalization in email and SMS flows and campaigns, and even create hyper-targeted segments to send to advertisers. Specifically Klevu can assist with the following:  

  • Extracting search data to use in segmentation 
  • Triggering automated abandoned search messages
  • Inspiring shoppers to spend more on what they like


You can learn more about this integration update in this product update blog post and Klevu’s own integration documentation 


I would also love to hear from others if they have any experience with Klevu. @Jessica eCommerce Badassery, @Mailbox Manny, @retention any insights here? 




Hi Sean,

I am one of the co-founders at Klevu. I just saw your post here :)

We believe search box is one place where the intent of a shopper is very clear and therefore if we pushed this information into Klaviyo, merchants would be able to generate personalised flows.

As you would know there are many irregularities in how customers search and therefore we analyse and normalise their search queries in real-time before pushing them into Klaviyo.

We send:

1. What a shopper is searching for (the actual query as it was submitted, e.g. wooden teble lam)

2. The results Klevu had shown to them and the number of such results including no results events

3. What actually did they intend to search for with spell corrections, type ahead and other types of normalisations taken into consideration (e.g. wooden table lamp). 

4. What subject they were after (e.g. lamp in the above query)

5. The products the customers clicked on

We believe the above information can be useful to drive personalised subject and/or clicked product driven flows from Klaviyo.

Taylor has kindly shared a few relevant links above but if you have any questions about Klevu or our integration with Klaviyo, please reach out to us and we will be happy to answer.



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@niraj.aswani @Taylor Tarpley Thank you both for feedback. Sounds like a great integration with Klaviyo to allow accurate and up to date segmentation, as just because customer has always bought brand x if their recent search is for brand y then it would be more relevant to reach out with brand y messaging.

We have a call arrange with klevu next week for a demo..