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  • 19 March 2021
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I wanted to know if it is possible to assign a score to the user during the process of a flow.


This process would serve me to segment the hottest users versus the coldest ones, in order to swgment them and offer them purchase offers.


I would also like to know if this score, once the segment has been created and set as the initial trigger of a new flow, will allow me to send new emails.


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3 replies

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Hi @Vincenzo Cassese,

Thanks so much for sharing your idea and exploring the Community for some solutions.

While we do not currently have the ability to aggregate user actions in a flow into specific scores, I am happy to file a feature request for this. It would be helpful if you could elaborate on what you want this score to be based on exactly.

Additionally, as @retention correctly pointed out, we can segment off of any of these discrete engagement activities i.e. opened or clicked a specific email (even within X amount of days or weeks). These types of segments that layer engagement activity are strong indicators of a user’s true engagement with your brand overall. Though we don’t assign a specific number to them, we empower the user to segment on these metrics and send to these engaged audiences. Discretely grouping together engagement metrics, like opens, clicks and orders are a tool our customers use to granularly target individuals based on their behavior i.e. sending to an engaged segment or for reporting purposes.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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I understand that Klaviyo is a CRM for ecommerce, but within an ecommerce there are products.


In our company, the products that are launched follow a very specific structure during a product launch campaign.


Understanding who is ready to buy and who is not really essential, all this based on actions performed by users.


Assigning logic by scoring that adds, subtracts, etc., based on user behaviors during a flow is really important.


In other CRMs there is this function which is really important for those companies that take advantage of the various phases of product launches.


In fact, in a Pre-Launch phase, where a user may have never purchased, it would be easier to segment based on a score.


I think it's a feature that you can consider and have to talk to the developers about.

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@Vincenzo Cassese - Definitely an interesting idea, though you can simply just encapsulate the “scoring” by creating various Segment definitions.

Let’s say you want to “score” customers each time they make a purchase and enter your Post Purchase Flow.  And if someone purchased 2 times, you want to send a specific Email, and if someone purchases 3 times, another message.  You can create a Segment of someone who “Placed Order 2 or More Times” and another Segment for “Placed Order 3 or More Times.”  Then, each of those Segments can trigger it’s own Flow. Or, you can use a Conditional Split for 2nd or 3rd purchases within a single Post Purchase Flow with those definitions too.

However, if you still want to add Custom Properties within a flow, you can use the Update Property Action within a Flow to add, update, or remove profile properties. 

See this Klaviyo documentation: How to Add an Update Profile Property Action to a Flow

Hope this helps!