Automatically add subscriber to list if Custom Property changes

  • 20 May 2021
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To avoid having to create one single welcome flow that contains content in all the languages we offer, we’ve decided to create a single list for each language.

Yes, we are going to create e.g. a welcome flow for each language. 

We have a Custom Property set with the language they get determined by which Country they’ve signed up from.

In our Manage Preferences List we’ve added a step where they can change their language from A to B. But this ofc. doesn’t move the subscriber from List A to List B

If we use the Subscribe-form they are only able to subscribe for the list they already belong to - as it’s a sign-up form for that specific list. 

= we can change the Custom Property, but not add/move the subscriber to the right list

→ Do any of you have any suggestions on how we could work around this? We’re trying to avoid using Hosted Pages.


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Hello @kids-world,

Thanks for sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community! 

One alternative solution we can suggest would be to have several segments building off of this single list you have distinguishing what languages your contacts prefer. This method would allow you to serve targeted welcome series flows to each of  the various language preferences so long as you have adjusted your welcome series flow from a list triggered flow to be a segment triggered flow. Doing so would alleviate the need to have to move contacts from one list to another. 

For example, if contacts were being added to my Newsletter list, I can have a segment with the below definitions of “If someone is or is not in a list, Person is in Newsletter list AND Properties about someone, Language Preference equals English”

You can then have a specific welcome series flow triggered off of this segment whose content is in English or whatever the preferred language is. This would also allow customers who’ve switched their preference to be automatically queued for the updated language preference flow as the contact would be automatically captured by segment.

I would also recommend reading through a similar Community post made by @frojdstockholm which also highlights a similar situation posed by @Theb in the thread below: 

Hope this helps!


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Hi @kids-world, depending on what you want to achieve I've noticed that for multilanguage stores it sometimes works best to have separate Klaviyo accounts. Not sure how your store is setup though. Specially for email flows that populate from a feed it becomes a bit harder to get right. 

On the other hand if it's one store with multiple languages (switcher) then this is not an option.

As for the question you're asking I would use 1 list and have the language as a profile property. 
The other way you could go around this is to have a language segment and use that for triggers in flows. 

You wouldn't want to have people moving automatically from list a to b (same is true for segments) because it would probably trigger a welcome flow unless you filter these cases out.

My best bet would be to have 1 list, have a profile property which indicates the language they are using and use that to filter the flows.


Then for specifics use segments.


Hope it helps

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Hi @Omar, just had a nice chat with the Klaviyo Support and they answered a bunch of questions regarding this issue. Because of the above issue and the fact that we can’t track the profiles when the switch from one domain to another we do need to create seperate Klaviyo accounts. 


We came to an agreement that we would keep it in english all the way but now that we are going to create multiple accounts we might reconsider.