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  • 15 March 2022
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Hi there, 

We recently moved over from Mailchimp to Klaviyo, but we’ve had some issues with our lists and segments. Our Full (warm up) list that was made for us contained customers who had not opted in to emails, so last week we imported our subscribed contacts to Klaviyo and made a new segment with the Full (warm up) list & excluding surpressed profiles. However, this segment isn’t being added to. 

How do we get new subscribers (via sign up form & checkout opt-in) to automatically be added to this segment please? 


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3 replies

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Hey there, can you take a screenshot of your Segment logic to look-over what might be missing? 

It should end up being some like -

‘Someone is in list’ - LIST NAME
‘Someone has done’ - ‘Subscribed to List’ - At Least Once Over All Time

That should capture your imports you made into your dedicated list plus moving forward, all of your new website subscribers being added to your Klaviyo who are firing off that Subscribed to List metric. Double-check your integration settings and sign-up form actions to ensure you have it set for new opt-ins to be added to a list.

Hope that helps!

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Thank you so much for the help! I’ve looked into the intergration and looks like its set up for new subscribers to be added to the wrong list- so easy fix! 

However, do you know how I can ensure opt ins at checkout are being added to the list as we were worried they were being excluded. 

Heres a screenshot of the segment conditions-


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@Ecamm The best way would be to test opting in on your website a few times and then review that new profile in Klaviyo. (New test email each time) Ideally you should see it trigger the Subscribed to List Metric automatically with your integration settings and then be added to your list. 

And for your segment, if you want that to be Warming + Website/Checkout Subscribers -

Is in “Master List TBC...”
Someone has done - ‘Subscribed to List’ - At Least Once Over All Time (Add Filter) WHERE List EQUALS “XXXX”.  
Person is not suppressed for Email

If you need to add in more lists, just add onto the OR function to include them in. Or even just removing the Filter for Subscribed to List logic in your segment. Then all new Subscribers should enter into the segment alongside your Master List TBC but wasn't sure if you wanted that to be clearly defined in the segment!