Best practice for importing and sending opt-in campaign on sweepstakes list?

  • 13 July 2023
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We were part of a sweepstakes recently by a reputable company where users were explicitly informed that they are agreeing to marketing emails from specific vendors and now have a list of several thousand emails. I’ve read thru the instructions on how to import the list into klaviyo, and planning on adding a field to the CSV that tags them as signing up thru this sweepstakes. 

I’m thinking of sending a welcome style email to that segment acknowledging that they opted in thru the sweepstakes and do they want to stay sub’d and include a button to unsub... Does anyone have any input to share?

Am I overthinking this?


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Hi @bitsbits - you already got good feedback from @Bobi N. to help you get started. 


I’d add a couple recommendations for you here now. 

  1. The most important thing to get right is the first email of this welcome flow - introduce yourself to them, explicitly remind them of the giveaway they opted into, and that you were part of it. Then generally welcome them to your list and forecast you’ll send them a few emails in the coming days to help them get oriented.
  2. You’re on the right track using a custom property to ID this specific group of people. Make sure you don’t forget to add a flow filter to your default Welcome Series flow, so these people don’t receive duplicate emails. You want them to be isolated to this specific welcome flow right now.
    2b. If it’s possible, I’d also use that same ID segment for the giveaway subscribers to EXCLUDE them from receiving any of your campaign emails until after they’ve completed their specific welcome flow.
  3. As for content with the following emails in this specific welcome flow - you can reuse many of the already existing emails in your default Welcome Series flow. I tend to add a quick “P.S.” to the bottom of the emails, reminding them of how they got onto your list, with the giveaway signup.
  4. You could do a test also if you have the bandwidth to set this up now - offer a small free gift or discount on their next purchase as a reward for participating in the giveaway. Give them a special coupon code to redeem with the context of “we know it’s disappointing not to win the big prize, but here’s a small gift just for you” or similar.


It really depends on who you do the giveaway with, and how you onboard those new subscribers to your list after the giveaway is over. I’ve had clients do giveaways and then we send specific welcome flows like I described above, and we’ve been able to retain as much as 80% of those new optins, as active members of the email list. A small percentage of them will often purchase within that welcome flow too.


So you have Bobi’s ballpark, and mine. Both past experiences are valid, but hopefully this helps you get some context as you make plans for how much effort to put into onboarding those new subscribers. 


Best of luck!



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You already have a good idea on what to do about it here.. All i want to say is create some kind of welcome flow for them with 3-5 emails.. in each one of them make it really easy for them to unsubscribe and also make it so that those that end the flow without even opening any of the 5 emails you will simply suppress. 

The thing with sweepstakes and giveaway subscriptions is they are the worst even if they were directly on your website. These people are not interested in what you are selling but more in what you are giving for free and they have FB groups and forums where they share opportunities like this. As soon as someone find out about something like this they share it there and then all of them come to sign up without even knowing what the brand is about. 

I would say if you can keep even 5% of those people as engaged and interested subscribers you should be happy about it, and the rest remove from your account as soon as you can :)