Best Practices for Single vs. Multiple Lists and Property-Based Segmentation in Klaviyo

  • 9 April 2024
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Hi everyone,

I’m venturing into email marketing as I prepare to launch my e-commerce business. Initially, I'll have a Coming Soon page with a sign-up form to "Get Notified & Enjoy an Exclusive Launch Discount!" This form includes a checkbox to subscribe to our newsletter for an extra discount.

Post-launch, our main site will feature a footer newsletter sign-up offering a 15% discount, and we’ll use Klaviyo’s WooCommerce integration for newsletter opt-in at checkout.

I’m planning to direct all sign-ups into a single list called 'Newsletter Subscribers' and use profile properties (e.g., NewsletterConsent, SignupSource, PreLaunchSignup) to distinguish between various subscriptions and manage email flows accordingly.

I’ve received guidance to avoid creating multiple lists for different sign-ups (pre-launch, footer, checkout) and instead utilize properties for segmentation and targeted flows.

Could you share your thoughts on this approach? Are there any pitfalls I should be aware of, or best practices I should follow to streamline the process and ensure each subscriber receives the right communications?

Appreciate any insights or advice you can offer!


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Hi David,

Thanks so much for the warm welcome and the helpful advice!

It’s nice to hear that starting with a single list approach is a sound strategy. Your recommendation to kick off with a targeted campaign for early sign-ups and to carefully manage the welcome series to avoid email duplication makes perfect sense and aligns well with the personalized experience I aim to offer.

Thanks again for your support and insights.



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Hi @simpliPets ,

Welcome to the Klaviyo community - what an exciting time getting ready to launch your e-commerce business!

I completely agree with your approach, especially when you first get started it is definitely much easier to do so with one list. This will create a single source of truth on your active subscribers.

If you create the signup forms through Klaviyo (other than the native checkout one) you will be able to attach the profile properties that you have suggested through this section:

The method of consent will also show in the profile page:

What I would recommend on launch is that you create a campaign to the segment “Is in Newsletter list” & “Source = Pre-launch sign up” to send them a personalised coupon for signing up early.

After that, you can also set your regular welcome series up, and I would skip those customers for the first email (Which presumably will include your personalised coupon with the 15% discount).

I hope that helps - feel free to ask any other questions here on the community. If you haven’t already, I also highly recommend checking out the Klaviyo Academy. A few of my favourites are:

Getting Started with Klaviyo

Getting Started with SMS

Create a content calendar in Klaviyo

All the best with the upcoming launch!