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  • 4 April 2022
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 i am adding 60000 profiles in list through api with 100 chunk data in loop. its takes 5 hours. can you please suggest to me some ideas, so i can improve the performance of API 


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Hello @MayankShoree,

I think it would help the rest of the Community if you were able to share the call you’re making and/or provide the exact endpoint you’re hitting. Typically, if you were looking to bulk import profiles to a Klaviyo list, this is accomplished by making a POST request to the{list_id}/members endpoint. As mentioned in the Add Members to a List Developers portal, making requests to this endpoint is functionally equivalent to adding profiles to a list via a CSV upload and will immediately add profiles to the list.

Since it sounds like you already have an existing list of contacts/profiles you were looking to bring to Klaviyo, rather than using API, importing these contacts/profiles via a .CSV would accomplish the same thing as adding users in bulk through the API. The benefit of importing a large number of contacts via a .CSV versus the API is that you would not be restricted to the endpoint’s rate limit. You can learn more about importing contacts to Klaviyo using a .CSV from the How to Add Subscribers to an Existing List and How to Create and Add Contacts to a New List Help Center articles.

I hope this helps!