Can a person re-subscribe after their record has been deleted from Klaviyo?

  • 11 August 2023
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I’m doing some testing with a new landing page and I’m using one of my own personal emails for the test. The first time I tested it, I was sent the confirmation email to my personal email.  Then I deleted that profile from Klaviyo to run the test again.  When the ran the test again, I’m not getting the confirmation email, and I don’t know why.


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@Carey Rouse 

In my understanding of this the problem is when you delete a profile all the personal data is deleted from klaviyo but the basic info is still kept so when you re-subscribe nothing will happen. There is this article that should explain this better I guess..

From this article

When you delete people, the profile will be completely erased and no history will be kept — this is permanent. However, when deleting a profile with GDPR compliance, the profile’s event history as well as every recipient record associated with the profile will remain in Klaviyo, but any sensitive data associated with the profile is removed. For a profile's event history, any customer-specific information is replaced with the word "redacted," and the customer's information is permanently deleted from Klaviyo.

For every recipient record associated with a profile, the profile's email address is replaced with a random email address that starts with the word "redacted." For example,

If someone is removed from a list (including when a profile is deleted) and then re-added to that same list, they will not re-enter any flows triggered by that list.

But that is all I could find about this issue.. maybe @Brian Turcotte has more info about what is happening directly on the confirmation emails for deleted profiles since i was not able to find that info.. the above is more for triggering flows..

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Hey @Carey Rouse,

@Bobi N. has shared some really great insight!

How often are you testing the form either with your own test email or others? One thing that comes to mind when a behavior like this occurs is Klaviyo’s list bombing prevention function. This is to prevent malicious bots from impacting your account. However, this can sometimes be inadvertently triggered - especially with continued self testing. 

Although you’re not getting the confirmation email in your latest test, is your profile still ending up on the list? If so, then I would suggest double checking your double opt-in setting in case it may have been toggled off. 

If the double opt-in setting is still enabled, have you checked your spam, junk, and promotional folder? On small occasions, your inbox provider may also block the double opt-in email in case there are some misalignments within your DNS authentication.



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Thanks for the feedback Bobi and David.  I think it was a timing thing.


When I deleted it, I did not delete with GDPR compliance.  ( I did not check that checkbox).  I used to do this in past when I was doing testing and it worked like a charm.  I could immediately do another test with the same email a minute later and see it flow through all the steps.  And then I would delete it over and over until my testing was done.


In this case, I only tried a 2nd time and it never came through.  I did find the redacted record in the analysis of my welcome flow.  The 2nd email in the series was “waiting” to send it out for the redacted email.  I deleted that record.


So today, I tried it again with that email...and it all worked.  Not sure how the extra time factored in...but it seems that I did.