Can I send email campaigns to Marketing=False Profiles if they engage (open/click) on my flow which will trigger if they're Marketing=False profile?

  • 25 May 2023
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I plan to set up a flow with 1 email for people who did not check the box for marketing in shopify checkout.

So these would be profiles that have Marketing = False.

I'm curious, if they click the email that my new flow would send, will they be considered an Engaged profile (e.g. will be included in my 90-Day Engaged segment for people who opened/clicked my email in the last 90 days)?

Because that's my goal, to send email campaigns to Maketing=Flase profiles.

Thanks for your help!


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Hello @krmq,

If users clicked on that email outreach then it would stand that they would qualify for your engaged segment.

However, I personally wouldn’t suggest reaching out to these users. These users, who did not check the box for marketing at checkout would have only shared implied consent - not explicit consent. Because these users have not shared explicit consent, they are much more likely to mark you as spam, leading to deliverability issues. 

In fact, it’s also prohibited in some jurisdictions. I would recommend taking a look at our Understanding explicit vs. implicit consent and Understanding consent in profiles Help Center articles on this topic.

I hope this helps!