Can Klaviyo find out the country of my newsletter subscribers?

  • 17 May 2021
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I ask for only email addresses from my website visitors when it comes to subscribing to my website’s newsletters.

But inside flows I want to set a criteria that the emails should go to those people who are not from Australia and NewZealand. 


Can Klaviyo find out the country of my subscribers even without asking so that I can remove them inside flows?



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3 replies

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Just adding to this thread, just know that people using specific VPN's or other antitracking security measures might not get identified or wrongly identified. So it works but not 100% watertight… But best method to use in your case.

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Hello @himanshu,

Thanks for sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community!

Klaviyo can identify your subscriber’s location automatically without asking them for it through the subscriber’s IP geolocation. Methods of how Klaviyo is able to identify your contact’s locations are:

For your specific use case, so long as you are using a Klaviyo signup form to collect subscribers, their location can be determined by Klaviyo automatically. This would allow you to create filters to prevent users who are outside of Australia and New Zealand from receiving your desired flow. 

You can learn more about how Klaviyo identifies a subscriber’s location from the Understanding When and How Klaviyo Sets a Profile's Location article. 

Hope this helps! 



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Great point @Omar!

Echoing Omar, since Klaviyo’s location tracking is based on a contact’s IP location, tools such as VPNs, antvirual softwares, ad blockers, or network filters which have the capability to mask one’s IP would often times prevent Klaviyo from getting an accurate location of your customers. Similarly, customers who are physically traveling would play a roll in this as well as Klaviyo would identify the customer’s location based on the IP network location the person was connected to at the time. 

The only exception to these points would be if Klaviyo was able to record a Placed Order event from your customers. With a Placed Order event recorded, instead of using IP geolocation to dictate a contact’s location, Klaviyo will use the billing address shared from the Placed Order event as the source of truth and set the location and time zone based on that information.