Condition split based of registered referrals?

  • 20 November 2023
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If I connect a referral software to my store that allows people become a referral agent for me. Am I able to create a Conditional Split in my Post-Purchase Flow that would either send an email incentivising people to register to become an affiliate or skip that email entirely? 


Admittedly I don’t have this set up so I don’t know. But my guess would be that I have a custom property about the people who have joined my referral program stated as True. And then those who are labeled as False would get sent the email. 


Is any of this correct? please let me know. Thank you


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Hey there!

You are totally on the right track there. If you are able to store any of that referral data as profile properties, you could then do a conditional split to check if it is filled or marked as TRUE to then skip that invitation to join.

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Thank you