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  • 6 July 2022
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Hi!! I am new to managing this tool, I am performing the mailchimp migration but the lists still do not appear, it has been in synchronization for more than a day but no contact appears in my lists.On the other hand, when I opened the account in 2021, I made a bad migration and today I have 27,000 active profiles that I want to delete, because they are contacts that have no affinity with my company, is there a way to do it? I am very confused between profiles and lists and segments, can you help me?

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Hi @picaflor,

Thanks for sharing his question with us.

With respect to your Mailchimp migration, one solution is to export those users via .csv files, and import them into your Klaviyo lists. For a full solution, I recommend reading through the thread below which includes additional information and resources:

With that said, you shouldn’t have to do this. Even though exporting + importing will resolve it, you may want to check in with our support team and have them take a closer look at your Mailchimp integration to get to the root of the issue.

With respect to your second question, the easiest way to manage this is to first create a segment of these users and then bulk-suppress the users in the segment. You would have to segment these users using a common custom property or action they’ve performed in the past i.e. they all had a certain tag associated with their profile upon their initial migration that you could segment on.

Alternatively, if you have this group of 27,000 profiles in a separate .csv file, you can import them into a Klaviyo list (if they already exist in Klaviyo, we will not duplicate contacts) and bulk-suppress the list (in the same way you would the segment). In short, you’ll need a way to group these “dead” profiles and that can be done through either segmentation + suppression in Klaviyo or importing a net-new list of these contacts (which won’t duplicate them) + suppressing them in Klaviyo.

I hope that’s helpful.