Form+List: Send form content to list contact on submission

  • 20 July 2022
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I have a Contact form that is connected to a list. I’ve indicated in the list setup the Contact Email address for the person that manages submissions to this list to reply. Is there a way to set up a flow for when someone submits their info, to send the form data to the Contact Email address assigned to the list?


I’m sure I’m missing something relatively simple, but I’m not seeing the solution in the flow options. TIA. Does it need to be a flow or is there a setting somewhere that should automatically forward to the indicated list Contact Email?


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3 replies

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Hey @roblarkins,

If you need to retrigger an opt-in confirmation email for the notification action to an unconfirmed or disabled recipient, simply remove them from the action, click save, and then re-add them. This will trigger a new confirmation email to be sent. This is also explained in our Opting In and Out of the Notification Action Help Center article.

If you are still not getting the opt-in email, I would suggest double checking your inbox filters to make sure they aren’t being blocked. I’ve seen this happen on small occasions when a business inbox has some additional security in the backend preventing these confirmation emails from being delivered.  


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Thanks David. I think this should work. I was on the right path but just needed some course correction. There is one final step that I’m having a problem with. In my flow setup it’s telling me that I’m not yet opted in to receive email notifications. However, if I look at my profile, it’s saying I have opted in. Klaviyo docs say “When you first add someone’s email address to a notification action, and click to save your changes, Klaviyo will send this person an email asking them to confirm they would like to receive notifications”. After adding my email address to the flow setup, Klaviyo did not send me anything to opt in or confirm my email address (checked my inbox and junk box). Is there a way to force this send or to confirm directly in Klaviyo?

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Hello @roblarkins,

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community!

I think what you’re trying to accomplish can be done by making use of Klaviyo’s Notification Actions within a flow. A notification action within a flow is a great way to notify internal team members about certain activities. For example, notifying your customer experience team when someone leaves a detractor NPS score, or alerting your sales team when someone is added to a wholesale or VIP list.

You can learn more about this feature and how to set it up from the How to Add a Notification Action to a Flow and Notification Action Use Cases Help Center articles. Since this is also such a common use case for a number of our members, there are a number of Community posts that discuss this feature! I’ve included some below to get you started:

I hope this helps!