Have a big list of people we never contacted, what's the best way to approach list cleaning without any data?

  • 31 August 2022
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Signed up to Klaviyo back in May and have a huge list of 140k emails and only 10k have any meaningful data I can use to create my engage and unengaged segments, another 10k past purchasers and the rest don’t have any data since being imported from Shopify. 

The sunset flows, unengaged segments and suppression list process are clear to me. I already suppressed about 20k emails that didn’t accept marketing.


I would like to know how to best approach the data collection and subsequent list cleaning without having to blast all 100k emails at the same time for (let’s say) 10 times until I have enough data to see who is active or not. 

Are there any segments I can create that would allow me contact these partially?

What I tried already

  • Tried creating a segment based on people’s first activity but only goes back to May, so it leaves out all 100k emails completely
  • Tried creating a segment based on profile creation, but they were all basically created in May so they are all included
  • My best solution so far has been to segment them based on the letter they start their email with and go alphabetically from there, but as you can imagine it will take forever to cover all of them + tedious.

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3 replies

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Hey @franksomos 

Thank you so much for reaching out for help with list cleaning. 

Im reaching out to our product manager for segmentation to see if there is a way to accomplish quickly without going through the steps you outlined above. As soon as I have an answer for you I will update you here! Thank you for your patience while I search for the best answer!

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Thanks a lot Stephen! 

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@franksomos a couple of ideas from my end.

Run it throug a list cleaner just to be sure!

Indeed run a high engagement campaign to small group see if you can get any engagement out of it or… use any other (previous) email tool? Try first in small batches and ramp up if you see good results. Always a difficult operation since you don't want to ruin reputation. Good luck!


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