How can I 'select all' when adding products to a segment definition?

  • 10 December 2021
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Hi all (first question!), 

When assigning products to a segment definition, I can’t see a way of selecting multiple products that meet my criteria at the same time. 

For example:

We’re a soda business.
Let’s say I want to target anyone that has bought cherry flavoured soda in the past.
In the search bar, I type in ‘cherry’ which brings up all of our cherry sodas, with the small selection boxes on the left. 
There’s no ‘select all button’ (that I can see), and when I tick one product, instead of remaining on that search result screen, Klaviyo jumps out of it. 
I’ve tried the usual trick of holding down the ‘ctrl’ key, which usually works for multiple selections, but not here. 

I have to click each product and then rerun the search each time (which gets tedious when adding 50+ products to each definition!). 


Any guidance on this would be extremely helpful!


Thank you :-)  


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Hey.​​​​@Wmorris2468 !

Thank you for coming to the Klaviyo Community for help with this!

The easy route to do this would be to set collection of products in your ecommerce store and then update your product feed to Klaviyo. That will allow you to select everything in the collection rather than selecting them one by one. 


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Thank you for your response @stephen.trumble :-)