How can I upload consent and properties via a List import?

  • 17 December 2021
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Just a quick one really. We ran a collaboration competition with a brand where we gained constent from those entering the competition to join our mailing list too. I want to import these people to my main list and will do this via a CSV with their email address and any other info we have. I also want to make sure their profile is set up with consent method  to say they came from that competition. What property should I be using in my CSV to ensure this is imported with the list?

If there are people on the list who are already a member in my mailing list, as this might be possible, will it just update their profile and not duplicate, make a new version. 

And I take it as soon as I import them they will be directed into my welcome flow? But those who already exist won’t go into it? If that makes sense? Just any completely new member?





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Hi @Shelle,


Thanks for sharing your question with us! So glad to hear the collaboration went well and you’ve gained some new subscribers! 


When adding new subscribers to an existing List, there are a lot of properties you can add to a CSV file that will upload to a user’s profile like consent and any additional properties you want to be attached. There should be a separate column to upload ‘consent’ to profiles in your upload as well as an additional column to attach a custom property such as ‘Collaboration Competition’  or any other properties you want to add, so you can differentiate these specific subscribers from others in your account. 


If a profile already exists in your list with the same email address as in the upload, no duplicate profiles will be created. However, if there is any new properties or information to add to the profile, then the original profile will be updated, but not duplicated. 


Yes, if the list you are uploading this CSV to is connected to a Flow, the new subscribers will go through the Flow upon successful upload. However, if you have uploaded a subscriber who is already in your existing list and has already go traveled through the flow, they will not through the Flow again as profiles can only go through a list-triggered Flow once.   


Finally, I would recommend checking out this similar post in the Community about uploading properties via a CSV file to gain additional insight! 


Thanks for participating in the Community!