How can I upload previous subscribers to a list already connected to a signup form?

  • 23 May 2023
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We have created a sign-up form for anyone interested in becoming a wholesale dealer for our company. This sign-up form is found on our website. We have also reached out to a list of previous customers and they would like to join the wholesale dealer accounts. How do i put their info into that wholesale list that we already have? Also is there a way to blast that sign-up from via email with email address we already have that way they are also entered into that lis? I hope this makes sense. 


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2 replies


Thank you so much!! This helped and I was able to figure out everything we need!! Thank you again! 

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You can add your previous customers to you wholesale list by manually uploading via a CSV. It should be noted that, when you upload a CSV to a list that triggers a flow, the flow will begin sending to newly uploaded subscribers. If you do not want this to occur, set your flow to manual. After the import is complete, wait a few hours before going back into the flow and deleting the people who you do not want to receive the email. Then, switch the flow back to live. If you have any trouble, I’d check out this documentation on troubleshooting list imports.


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