How do I create a segment from tags created in shopify POS?

  • 16 January 2023
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I add tags about customers in my POS so I can send Birthday emails, product and size emails, emails about the wedding or graduation they have in their family this year,…  How can I access these tags so I can create segments for emails?  


Best answer by Taylor Tarpley 17 January 2023, 19:32

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Hi @Carolee,

Thanks for your follow-up note.

I’m interested to see where you are seeing the tag in Klaviyo? If it’s being pushed as a custom property as Taylor mentioned, you can access it using “Properties about someone > Shopify tags = X”.

To give you more context, Shopify's customer tags are assigned as custom properties on each customer’s Klaviyo profile. For this reason, they will be attached to a profile property rather than an event.

If it’s being passed through an event, like a Placed Order, it will depend if the data is “first-level” or “nested” within another data point. We’re only able to pull first-level data for the purposes of segmentation and flows at this time.

I hope that’s a helpful start.

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It looks like the tag info is being pushed into Klaviyo from Shopify.  How do I access it? 

For example, I want to create an email that goes out automatically on the first month of everyone tagged with that new month in Shopify (example, February Birthday). 




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Hi there @Carolee


Happy to help! 


You will need to setup a system to pass your properties into Klaviyo.


To clarify, is this information already in their Klaviyo profiles that you can see already? As Shopify tags sync as custom properties, you should call on the Shopify tags like this and segment accordingly.


However, Shopify varies on how it’s tags are synced into Klaviyo at times and if these tags are not readily available, then you will need   to set up an API call  which will bring in these custom properties into your Klaviyo account.


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