How do I create a separate list and let my audience join/unsubscribe from it?

  • 20 February 2023
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Hi all, not sure if my title properly explains my question. So let me clarify here. 


I want to send out an extra weekly email with some inspiring stories/messages. 


This content is a little different to what we usually send and I don’t want to bombard our current audience.


Is there a way I can send the email to them and give them the option to unsubscribe just from this particular list and NOT from our brand? 


Hopefully this makes sense. Happy to answer any questions to help clarify the details. 


All the best,





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3 replies

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Hi @CStav1 ,

Welcome to the Community! 

I think I might have a more straightforward recommendation for you rather than creating and managing separate Lists, but I would certainly love to hear from other Community members if anyone has their own ideas for an approach here 😊

Firstly, it’s important to mention that as a best practice, you should only have one Main List for your email marketing efforts. Not only will this be much more streamlined, but it will also give you a variety of benefits, including:

  • Easily find all your opted-in contacts
  • Maintain good data hygiene
  • Access list growth visibility
  • Optimize deliverability

If you are interested, you can read more about it in this Help Center guide: Understanding the benefits of having a main list for each channel.

And so instead of creating a separate List, you can make use of the Segments feature in Klaviyo to allow users to opt-in to receiving your additional inspirational messages. This way, you do not need to worry about managing a separate List, and can still include/exclude users as necessary for your inspirational campaigns.

Let me walk you through how you can set this up: 

  1. Edit your Sign-Up Form to include an additional Radio Button section for your new Property
  2. Type in the name of your new Property to the Dimension field on the left, and add a ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ option for the opt-in, just like as seen below:

    You may choose to make this a required field or not, either is fine. 

  3. Save your recent changes, and Publish these updates to live. 
  4. Submit a test Sign-Up Form with the ‘Yes’ option selected
  5. Create a new segment for users who responded ‘Yes’ to receiving the additional content. The definition for this segment would look something like this:
    Properties about someone » Inspirational Quote » Equals » Yes

    Note: The new dimension you created in the Sign-Up form will not appear in this dropdown list until at least 1 Profile in your account has submitted a sign-up form with the ‘Yes’ or ‘No” option selected. (This is why we submitted a test in Step 4)

  6. Create segment
  7. You may now select this segment in the “Send to” section of your new inspirational campaigns so that only the users who have opted-in for this additional content will receive it!



This will allow all future subscribers to self-segment themselves to either opt-in or out of receiving inspirational content from you. 


If you would like to send an email to existing subscribers to give them the option to opt-in to receive this additional content even though they are already subscribed, you can add the Radio Buttons from Step 1 into an Embedded Sign-Up Form on your website, and link users to the URL where this form is embedded. The reason why this needs to be an Embedded Sign-Up Form is that you are unable to link to a pop-up on your site. Once an Embedded Sign-Up Form is setup on your site with these new Radio Buttons, you can send a campaign to your Main List, and link them to the URL where the form is embedded to update their subscription preferences. 

If you don’t want an Embedded Sign-Up Form on your site, or are unable to configure it, you can also customize your Manage Preferences page for your Main List to include the same Radio Button options. Manage Preference page can be linked from email campaigns, so you can still prompt current subscribers to opt-in this way as well. There is a great thread about this option on the Community here:


Hope this helps!


-- Ashley Ismailovski

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Wow, that’s amazing.

You covered everything. I will have to re-read this a couple of times to ensure I fully understand everything.

But from my first read-through, you covered everything, including how to get future subscribers to opt-In and current ones.

Thank you for your time, I will put this information to good use! 


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Glad I could help, @CStav1 !

If you found that my earlier comment solves your query after you take some time to review it, be sure to mark it as “Best Answer” so other Community users can find the solution more easily in the future :)

Have a great day!