How Do I Identify Where My Subscribers Are Coming From in My List?

  • 16 September 2021
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1. Since users can't be tagged when you fill the sign up form.  How do you recommend us to segment new sign ups who sign up through Klaviyo form?

We tried to create a list for one form but we don't prefer that because we don't want to have too many lists. 


2. For users who sign up through the form of shopify theme.- will they be tagged when they are added to the list? how will we know those are from the theme form?

3. Similarly, how will we know which sign up users join through other referral app? (i.e. automizely)


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Hi @3000month2021,


Welcome to the Community! 


These are all great questions! You are correct, users can’t be ‘tagged’ in Klaviyo Signup forms. However, you can add profile Properties in a Klaviyo form or utilize  Hidden Field Properties that are already programmed into the form. Utilizing properties allows you to add subscribers to a Master/Main List, but have identifiable attributes that can later be dynamically pulled into segments of your choosing to differentiate where your subscribers are coming from. For instance, I’d recommend using the Hidden Field Property as it is automatically programmed to collect the $source property upon form submission and is already setup in your Klaviyo form. To create the form you’re looking for, first set the Form Behavior to ‘Not show to existing Klaviyo profiles’. Click on your button and navigate to ‘Submit Hidden Fields’. Ensure ‘Source’ is selected under Profile Property and your value matches your form name. Now you will be able to identify new subscribers in your List as they will uniquely have the $source property of your Klaviyo New Subscriber Form. 



You can program similar tags or properties to your other Shopify form and referral app to similarly pass the same information into Klaviyo and segment off of the data as long as the integration is properly synced. I have found a  Shopify Forum thread that specifically lays out what code one would need to to add to its forms to pass a tag into Klaviyo, as well as how to  Add Tags to Contacts in Automizely.

Thanks for being a part of the Community!