How do I manually remove a single person from a segment

  • 15 June 2022
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Hi, I have a segment of people who purchased from me during a particular time. I want to ask them to send me photos of their product in situ. However some of the people on this list have already sent me photos and I want to remove them from the segment manually so they don’t get this request. Is there a way to remove a person manually without deleting their profile altogether?




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2 replies

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Thank you so much - Will try your first suggestion!

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@Anna W. 

There are 2 ways that I can think of right now how you can do this..

  • If you have a list of people who already submitted the photo.. create new List, add those people to the new list and then in the segment add definition “If someone is or is not in a list - Person - Is Not - in list X (where list X would be list you previously created and uploaded those people in)”
  • Or the second option is if there are just a few people, then you can add definition to the segment: AND  property about someone - email - doesn’t equal - the email of the person you want to exclude from the segment (but take in consideration that you would separately need to do this for every person you want to exclude, if there are 10 people you will have to repeat this definition 10 times for all the 10 different emails)