How do you search for all users at a domain like or

  • 29 April 2021
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In the “search for someone” box at the top of every page how to we search for all profiles that are at a domain like or


We can only search by email handle, like johnsmith and janesmith.  We don’t seem able to search by the domain.  So if one of our profiles is we can only find that profile by searching for  johnsmith (or a fragment of that).  We can’t find it by


Seems weird.  We often want to find all profiles for specific domain names.


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You can always create a segment.. go in segments, create new segment, set the name and use this definition

Profile property - Email - contains - (or whatever you want to look for)

with this you will create segment of all people that have that part in their email.. just make sure you set it to contain and not equals..