How to build the segment in the flow

  • 23 May 2022
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I’d like to build an SMS flow (customer winback) , but how to achieve these conditions:

  1. someone did not sign in over 30 months
  1. someone did not buy anything over 1 year

I did’t find the conditions in segments. How to express : over 30 months?



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2 replies

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Hey @Alina M 

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community, happy to jump in to help with creating a Winback flow!

I have a quick question to get started, why did you choose these two conditions for the flow trigger definition? 30 months without any activity from a customer is a very long time and can possibly lead to deliverability issues if those customers do not click into your SMS message you plan to send. The more important piece is that they haven't purchased in the past year, because the winback flow is designed to get your previous customers to purchase again. I would suggest using a metric triggered flow for your winback. For the flow trigger, click Metric > Placed Order. Add a flow filter that details Placed Order zero times since starting this flow. Drag in your initial time delay and set it to be 365 days. This will create condition #2 that you mentioned in your post.

Once this is created if you want to include the second definition for being inactive on your site for the past 30 months you can add an additional flow filter by clicking AND > What someone has or hasn’t done > active onsite > zero times > in the last > 130 weeks (30 months) 

I would also suggest adding a flow filter of whether someone has consented to SMS messaging so only customers who have consented will move through this SMS winback flow. 

Hope this helps!

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Sorry, my fault.Not 30 months, that is “3 months”😜Thank you for your explanation in detail!