How to clear a contact's bounce history

  • 12 October 2022
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We recently had a customer reach out to let us know that they miss receiving our marketing emails. However, we can’t send them to her because we suppress anyone who has soft-bounced 4 or more times from our campaigns & flows. 

Is there a way to clear the soft bounce data from her profile? Or, do you recommend we delete her contact profile altogether and re-opt her into our list? 

Thanks for the help!


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Hey John! This is a good question. In general, we recommend that you avoid deleting data whenever possible. The best way to get this contact back onto your mailing list would be to direct her to sign up again. This could mean you send her to a dedicated landing page where people can sign up (if you have one) or just simply tell her to sign up through an onsite signup form and have her re-subscribe herself. This should bring her profile back to Active status while maintaining all prior historical data on this contact.