how to integrate signup forms of klaviyo with 3rd party list (sms provider )

  • 16 May 2022
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if a sms provider wants to integrate klaviyo app for , fetching list , we can use list appi , 

how can we achieve real time subscriber from a signup form .

is there any API , for additing form Id with list ???


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3 replies

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Hi @DevGuru190,

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I think I am having trouble understanding. Can you clarify by what you mean for “additing form ID with list” 

We have our API docs I would recommend checking out in the meantime.


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Requirement :  i want to integrate Klaviyo with a SMS SAAS app , to enable my users to integrate their own klaviyo account with my SMS app account !! 


Need help in how i can integrate -- Real time subscribers acquired via a signup form of klaviyo , to a List which is either build in my SMS app or if i a user has imported a list from klaviyo to our SMS app , how can we update in our SMS APP .


other SMS providers  like yotpo n Post script has done this integration 

like importing a list of user from klaviyo account 

then -- adding a form ID -- along with list -- which will update the users as & when new subcriber submit form


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Hi there @DevGuru190,

Building third party integrations would have to be something you could connect to your Dev team about or to a Klaviyo Partner.

We have a help center doc regarding third party apps and how information is exchanged between apps

If you are trying to connect Klaviyo to your own SMS account that is something you should talk to your team about implementing following our API docs.


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