How to limit number of emails each customer receives?

  • 16 February 2023
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If a customer clicks on unsubscribe and is persuaded not to by offering them frequency options ie receive emails weekly, monthly or quarterly  or receive only on certain topics or brands how is this best set up ie is customer entered into a segment and the excluded ..?



1 reply

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Hi @SeanMcC


Great question!


Yes, that’s it! You can then exclude them from their undesired messaging and create and send content that they specifically want. For example, weekly newsletters can be a digest of any new product releases, etc. that have happened over the course of the week, while daily updates can highlight any sales or promotions you're running. Monthly newsletters should be longer and carefully curated since you don't communicate with these subscribers very often.


You can find more out on our help center documentation on how to create email frequency segments


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