How to use the latitude location parmeter

  • 15 June 2022
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My client has a database spanning both northern and southern hemisphere. We need to segment based on hemisphere. I’ve tried using the latitude and it seemed to work but when I looked closer, it hadn’t.

Why is the parameter even there if it doesn’t work? How can I create these segments?


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4 replies

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Yeah, I had it set for ‘number’ ok but still don’t trust it. I think I’ll have to continue adding individual counties. 😩

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@lorenmn - Yea, to be frank I’m not sure either.  Doing a quick spot check of a few profiles, it seem to work.  The reason why I used “less than 0” is because when I inspected a few latitude values, I saw a bunch of negative numbers so I assume that’s how Klaviyo expresses “South” vs “North” latitude values. 


I forgot to mention in the first reply, make sure to set the data Type to “Number” and not “Text” like this:




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I’ve set up 2 north and south segments based on listing individual countries - which is a nightmare! There’s so many to add!

I have also tried using your method @retention of the latitude parameter. I found this a bit confusing since latitude is based on north and south (i.e. N. and S. prefixes). The less than and greater than zero feels wrong. Not sure if I trust it...

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Hi @lorenmn, welcome to the community.

If you are strictly just trying to determine by Latitude (to separate in your case Northern vs Southern hemisphere), can you share with us your rule?  I tried it with:

  • Southern Hemisphere: $latitude is less than 0
  • Northern Hemisphere: $latitude is greater than 0

Instead of using the latitude value, can you use the Location property (Country/Region)? Klaviyo has a article here that explains it step-by-step:

Also note that the location of profiles is dependent on how or when the subscribers are identified by Klaviyo.  Klaviyo uses a ranked order of the subscribers’ IP geolocation or their Shipping Address if they’re a customer to determine their location. 

Subscribers’ IP geolocation can only be identified in certain actions like opening an email, subscribes via a Klaviyo Signup Form, or tracked on your site (via the Klaviyo Web Tracking).  This article details the way Klaviyo defines a Profile’s location.

Remember, IP geolocation has some limits in properly detecting location of people too - it’s not 100% accurate.  Sometimes visitors have a proxy IP (behind a Corporate Firewall or VPN), or have privacy filters or tools to spoof or block their true location, and sometimes it’s just misreported.  

Finally, if your Segments are not returning the amount of Profiles you’re expecting, there’s a good chance they never have been identified by Klaviyo (yet).  If you have those information outside of Klaviyo, you can update your Profiles manually by importing them in (or using the API).

Hope this helps!