How you can avoid 2x opt-in email in the multi form?

  • 12 November 2022
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Hey guys, 


We have a custom form on the website and collecting both email and SMS there. 

Our main goal - do 2x opt in for SMS but 1x single opt in for emails. 


Email is set to list A. This is a 1x opt in list.

SMS is set to list B. This is a 2x opt in list. 


So when you optin to both, you'll still receive two 2x optin requests coming from the 2nd (SMS) list.  And btw, the same way Klaviyo's multi-step form works.


I am wondering if there's any way we can avoid sending the 2x optin email I this case as this is a bit too much when a customer receives 2 messages  (one for email and another one for SMS) . So we want just send an SMS, especially given SMS 2x opt in 

P.S. If we use the same list for email and SMS, we need to set it as 2x optin and when somebody enters both fields, they'll still receive 2 messages. 


Thanks for any help! 


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Hi @lleontiy,

Thanks for sharing this.

Just want to ensure I’m understanding this correctly - only in the scenario where a user opts-in to both SMS and email, you want to prevent the double opt-in email from dispatching? If that is indeed the case, we cannot set double or single opt-in to only apply in certain use-cases. It’s either enabled or disabled for certain lists. You’d have to enable single opt-in for SMS to avoid sending a double opt-in email (but we don’t recommend this because double opt-in is required by some carriers and for abandoned cart messages in the US and Canada.  

I hope that helps address your question.