I'm collection email & SMS on a form but if only email is submitted it doesn't show up

  • 17 August 2023
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Hi, I've set up a form capturing email and SMS. When someone submits both they go to my list but if they only submit email it doesn't go to my list. Can you help?

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3 replies

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Hi Josh! 

Have you been set up for SMS yet? If you haven’t set up SMS yet, it won't collect consents even though you are set up on your capture form. 

Here are details on how to set up SMS

and a full onboarding guide here:

Your Loom video won’t play the video for me for some reason but it sounds like you’re Australian (greetings from across the ditch!) - for Aussie you do need to go through the full company registration first before you can start sending in AU.

Hope this helps! 


Hi @Taylor Tarpley,

Thank you so much for replying. I still can’t figure out why email contacts only aren’t showing up in the list. I shot a quick video to show you the issue in the hopes that you might see something that I’m not. Here’s the landing page and video:


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Hi @joshwalker


Welcome to the Community! Great question!


If a user only submits their email and hits the submit button, they should be added to your chosen list even if they don’t fill out their number. To be sure, how many profiles have you tracked that have your form as a $source that have given their email, but not SMS and are therefore not added to the list? 


For instance, if you had your SMS and email in one step and had a user give both, but was only added to an email list, but not a SMS list as well, the issue would be that only one list can be designated for each step for the submit button’s action. If this were your issue I would then recommend adding another step for SMS capture so users can also be added to an SMS list if that was your goal.


Hope this helps!