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  • 14 September 2023
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Dear Klaviyo community


We have moved from Mailchimp to klaviyo and must have our existing subscribers moved to Klaviyo.


In Mailchimp, we have an automation flow that invites people to trailer service.

The flow consists of a series of 6 emails.

1st welcome email (immediate delivery)

2. three-month service (delivery: 11 weeks after previous mail)

3rd annual service (delivery 36 weeks after previous mail)

4th annual service (delivery 36 weeks after previous mail)

5th annual service (delivery 36 weeks after previous mail)

6th annual service (delivery 36 weeks after previous mail)



The flow in Mailchimp has been on hiatus for a good 6 months.

So is it somehow possible to move our existing subscribers so that the dates they have signed up for service follow them?


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3 replies


Thank you very much for your good description. I am trying to create a CSV and add the customers in my flow. It can only go wrong ;-)


I will let you know how it goes


Best Regards Anne

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Hi Alulette, 


Congrats on your migration from Mailchimp to Klaviyo, and welcome to the community! 


One solution to your problem would be to utliize a custom profile property, such as “First Service Date”, for your existing subscribers. 

  1. Create a CSV of existing customers
  2. Column A must contain email address (this is Klaviyo’s unique profile identifier)
  3. Insert a new column labeled “First Service Date”
  4. Paste each customer’s first service date into this column, in the same row as their email address (be sure the dates comply with an accepted Klaviyo date & time stamp format)
  5. Import the CSV into your selected list in Klaviyo

More details can be found in this Help Center guide: How to import profile properties using a CSV upload


Then, you can create an automated flow that is triggered by this First Service Date property in each customer’s profile. You can insert various time delays between messages in the flow to deliver on the cadence you prefer. 

More details in this guide: How to create a date property-triggered flow


Please let us know if this solves your problem. Thanks and good luck! 

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Great! Please do let us know how it goes and if we can help further.