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  • 21 September 2021
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I’m going to admit, inactive segments caught me off guard.. with no product announcement that I heard.

I get that it’s meant to clean up the segments list, but we create a number of segments for our clients to see how many people belong to each cohort/group, such as interest in a collection/category. These segments just sit there to be used for reporting each month, and could be used in future campaigns.

I went looking for some segments to report on these numbers a few months ago for one client, and they were missing… I found a small text link called “inactive campaigns” where they all were living, but had to go through 6 pages of inactive segments to find the ones I needed, and reactivate one at a time.. this costed me valuable time.

I have just come to this issue now with several other accounts, and it is really annoying… does anyone else use segments this way?

Klaviyo product team is there anyway to turn this feature off for the clients we manage?


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Hey @Travis!

I think this has been around for a while (at least a couple years from when I remember coming across it first).  A quick way to make sure key segments don’t get deactivated is to have them starred:



Here’s a list of other criteria that keep the segments active: