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  • 11 September 2022
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Does anyone know of a way to code into an email an option for customers to add themselves to specific lists?

For example, I head an overhead business, Business 1, that encompasses three tributary but connected businesses, Business A, B, and C. When users sign up for the mailing list, they sign up with Business 1 and therefore receive info related to business 1A, 1B, and 1C. But if someone only has interest in content relating to 1A or 1C or 1B and 1C, is there a way to send through an email an option for the customer to opt in and out of certain lists? 




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@Ezen short answer is, this is not possible and I think not allowed either by Klaviyo unless you're doing some custom coding work.


What you could do though is use the list signup form and add the following to the signup form link

?email={{ email }} which will auto fill the email form. They then only need to press signup.

But I think this is not where you're after so I'd say adding a custom profile property and segmenting based on this would be best way to go here.



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I’m not familiar with email options that will add people in different lists. But there is option for sure that can add properties to people and then depending on the properties you can add them to different segments.

So instead of list create 3 segments with definition of properties from the campaign. 

You will have 3 buttons for example creating 3 different properties to people and then you use them to create the segments.

Here is more info on how to do this