Is it possible to see historical numbers of active profiles?

  • 11 January 2024
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Is there somewhere on Klaviyo that I can view the numbers of active profiles in my account in, say, a particular month, or a period of time in the past? Or is it only current active profile numbers that are available to see?


Best answer by kaila.lawrence 18 January 2024, 16:12

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4 replies

The list growth report only shows you growth on those added to a specific list by them subscribing or you manually uploading. 

I have the same need to see historical active profiles (and I have not found a way). These profiles can be added to your Klaviyo account and not show up in the list growth report because they technically did not “subscribe” to a list - but they are still considered active profiles.

These profiles can be brought over from Shopify for example, or other integrations, even though they have not technically subscribed to email. Those profiles are still part of your bucket of available profiles before you go over a plan’s limit because they have taken some action on your website (placed order for example). 

Technically you can email those even if they have not subscribed - but they won’t show in your subscriber growth numbers because they did not subscribe. 

If someone knows a way to see all active profiles in a given time range whether they are “subscribed” to a list or not - that would be helpful. But list growth and subscriber reports do not show you the full picture. 

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Hey @AnnaE! I think the list growth report might be what you’re looking for.  You’ll be able to see growth over any timeframe you input. 


Let me know if that helps! :) 

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I mean new profiles added within a specific timeframe. Currently, for example, we have 90,000 active profiles, but I’d like to find out how many active profiles we had in November/December last year. I periodically suppress active profiles that are not subscribed to our newsletter in order to keep them under our allowance.

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Hi @AnnaE 

Can you expand on what you mean by “active” profiles?

Do you mean contacts who have engaged with your emails and/or website within a specified time frame? Or new profiles added within a specified time frame?