Is it possible to supress users via api?

  • 28 February 2022
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I can only find information about deleting profiles, i can’t find anything about suppressing profiles via the API?

The docs arn’t the best either to be honest. Is it possible to suppress users via the api?


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6 replies

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@tim_fully @wgsusa I’ve recently written an article on how to automate this process through Klaviyo webhooks. Hope it helps.

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Hey @wgsusa,

I’ll pass your feedback along to our Product Team! 


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I understand what you are saying, but please consider from one of your customer’s perspectives…

There is a valid use-case scenario where automating Suppression makes perfect sense, but maybe it does not warrant the efforts or UI clutter of Klaviyo adding more drop-downs in GUI.  Let us send JSON POST data to Klaviyo APi to existing endpoints, to expand functionality.

It’s not like we cannot add another layer of code to accomplish this anyway.  It just creates extra work for the Klaviyo customer for no good reason (that I can think of).

This does strike me as a very intentional design by Klaviyo that we can ONLY send JSON webhooks, but so specifically will NOT accept them…  even though it accepts roughly 10 different payload types to its APi...  🤔  

We have made our work around, but unfortunately its completely excludes Klaviyo from the trigger process.  I cry.  😥

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Hey @wgsusa,

For clarification, although the endpoint is available to suppress profiles via API, doing so through a webhook action within a flow is not supported. 

Webhook actions within a flow are meant to be used to send information from Klaviyo to external third-party tools and applications. It’s not meant to update existing information within Klaviyo laterally. I find that the analogy found in the Who Should Set Up Webhooks? subsection of the Understanding Klaviyo Webhooks Help Center article explains this really well:

Think of a webhook as a river that flows in one direction — information will flow from Klaviyo into the designated systems or applications that you have connected to but cannot flow the other way. Webhooks, unlike API’s, will only work in this one-direction manner.


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I am struggling with this.  To be clear, you are saying that

“Yes, a Klaviyo Flow CAN POST to a Klaviyo endpoint???”

I have input correct api_key credentials, but I get 403 error back.  I have tried different iterations of additional information in the header.  What am I doing wrong?



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Hello @tim_fully,

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community!

Seems like you may have missed the Exclude Profile From All Email section in the Developer’s Portal. You can suppress users via the API by making requests to the endpoint. Doing so will suppress the user from receiving any further emails from you.