Is there a way I can see the latest full list of active profiles in my account?

  • 3 November 2021
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Hi,  this may seem like a dumb question.  I’m aware that I can only see the top 50 active profiles.  I currently have 276 and I would like to know the best way to see this list.  I know I can export it and then import it but this is a static list only based on the export.  I’d like a way to see the latest list at any time.  How could I do this please?

2 replies

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Hi @Shalia


Welcome to the Community! There are no dumb questions in the Community, we are all learning here! 


I can definitely understand wanting a main or ‘Master List’ to hold and see all your active profiles in your account. In fact, we recommend users have a main list and explain Why Having a Single Main List is Beneficial in our Help Center Documentation. Yes, while exporting then importing the list will be static for the moment, I would also recommend connecting your main list to your website so it will be ever growing because your website feeds more subscribers into your Klaviyo List through forms and checkout. Typically, other users select their ‘Main List’ to receive subscribers from their integration like Shopify and are connected under the heading ‘Collect Email Subscribers, as you see below. 

You can also ensure that your forms are also directed and feed into your main list so all avenues of grabbing subscribers are in one place and your list continually grows as people opt-in to your brand’s marketing. Having one main list also allows you the opportunity to run List Growth Reports in the future to measure how your business is growing. 


Additionally, another user had a similar question in the Community that would also be beneficial to check out! 


Thanks for asking your question in the Community! 


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My problem is I have no idea how to make my lists match the active profiles.  My form sign ups from the shopify integration only shows 125 but I have 277 active profiles.  How do I reconcile the active profiles to a main list if I don’t know where they are all coming from?