Klaviyo is consistently slow lately

  • 28 April 2022
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Is anyone else having a problem lately of Klaviyo being even slower than usual? I’ve always experienced some slowness, but it seems to be getting progressively worse. More often than before, segments will be stuck at “0.1%” for several minutes before calculating, and exporting even a small segment can take several minutes as well.


Today I’m trying to upload a new suppression list, and I’ve had this for over 20 minutes (with a faint green line finally appearing after about 15):



This is simply ridiculous.

3 replies

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Hi there @Pkirby,

Welcome to the Community.

Apologies to hear that you are facing slow upload times regarding lists/ segments. I’m aware that it can take 15-25 minutes on average to import these and of course time can increase based on file size. I haven't had any reports of other accounts experiencing slow segmentation or exports but have shared your feedback with the team to see if there have been any other reported issues. 

Hope you hear back soon,


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Hi Alex,


Thanks for the reply, but it simply shouldn’t take 15-20 minutes to upload a list of only a few thousand email addresses. I ended up closing the window, and checked back later: it seems the list took over an hour to process.

Meanwhile, segments will still randomly take 15+ minutes to calculate, even if they’re simple. 

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Hi @Pkirby,

No problem. Much like any other process involving multiple servers and communicating between systems, we state a 15-20 minute estimate so that customers do not think something is frozen or broken when looking at their list import screens. Depending on list/segment size and technicality, it can vary on times. I am unsure when you began your test, but it could have been a busy time for the servers. However, I do not see any logged outages recently. 

I would clear your cache, make sure your systems are updated, and check in with Support if you are seeing specific lists/segments having issues. Support would be better suited to take a personalized and in-depth look into your account.