My email list is full of spam and invalid emails, how can I stop this?

  • 25 January 2024
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Every time I go into Klaviyo to write our monthly customer newsletter, there are a load of clearly fake looking email sign ups in our email list. Usually I manually delete between 5 and 20 every couple of weeks but today I went in and our list has gone up from about 100 legitimate subscribers to 640 people. When I look at individual records, it’s pretty clear that they’re not real people engaging with our site or content.

Obviously I don’t want to email over 500 spam accounts when I send our next newsletter but I also don’t want to delete the whole lot and risk deleting the occasional legitimate sign up.

We have two-factor authentification switched on. 

Why is this happening?

Why doesn’t Klaviyo filter these dodgy email addresses out?

How can I verify if they’re legitimate or not?



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HI @EmmaBySea spammy email addresses are always super annoying. Klaviyo does try to tag suspicious looking profiles (There should be a segment called Suspicious in your account) but another way to help keep your list clean is to turn on double opt-in for your list. 


That way, anyone who signs up for your list has to confirm their email before they are added, and bots will not confirm the addresses because they aren’t real. Turning on double opt in is pretty simple - go to your list, the settings, consent, Opt In process, click double opt in. 

This will reduce the number of leads joining your list, but the ones who do join will be true leads and not spam. Hope this helps! 


Hi @KatherineB thanks for your reply. We do have double opt-in for our list. I’ll have a look and see if we have a suspicious segment!