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  • 22 February 2022
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I can not get any response from this API,, how can I know the success of the API call.


Also I little bit confused with List Exclusion and Global Exclusion. Could you explain it. Global exclusion works for me but when I try to use List exclusion API I am getting zero records. 




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Hi there @ragch577,

Welcome to the Community.

To fetch the unsubscribed status of your profiles, you'd have to make a GET request to the /people/exclusions endpoint from our V1 Lists API. To unsubscribe someone from all emails, you'd have to make a POST request to the same endpoint with slightly different parameters. 

That being said, our V1 Lists API is deprecated, which means that we do not support this API. It is advised that you do not rely on using V1 and switch over to V2. However, there is currently no global unsubscribe option within our V2 Lists API. 

We strongly recommend leaving on global suppressions. Reason behind this is if I am subscribed to List A and List B and I select unsubscribe, more often than not the customer expects to be unsubscribed from all emails not just emails sent to that particular list. If you leave global suppressions turned on you will want to use this endpoint.

If global suppressions is turned off, and you have confirmed its turned off in the individual list's settings as well, then you will use this endpoint

Returns should be listed in the doc itself.


Thank you!