Opt-Out Of Campaigns - Without Landing Page

  • 21 February 2022
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I’m trying to set up an option to opt-out of future campaigns (e.g. Mother’s Day). This guide below” 

 is really helpful, but unless get these properties from a sign-up form (which would exclude existing customers), it looks like I have to create a landing page.  


Is there a way to get subscribers to opt-out of upcoming campaigns without having to direct them to a landing page?


Thanks so much.


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3 replies

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Hi @Pamoja,

I believe the other ESPs could be offering mailto unsubscribe as well (that we do not) that can result in a direct unsub instead of directing a user to the unsubscribe landing page. I found this article here that might share that similar info.


Hope that helped,


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Hi, I need an answer to this question too, it doesn’t appear to be possible from what I can see.  Did you get anywhere?

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Hi there @chloelongsoup,

Welcome to the Community!

Quick question, is there a reason for not including an unsubscribe link and opt-out option on the initial campaign emails? Would providing a link not get past the need for a second opt-out page?