potential purchasers and how to make them purchasers.

  • 22 June 2021
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So how do I track down the potential customers who perhaps have spent 30 mins on the site but have not bought. I don’t always have an email. 


And also how do I get alerted? I amy not see this for a long time.


Many thanks




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Hi Liz!


The question about how to make them purchasers is a big topic that doesn’t have an easy answer.  However, I can provide some pointers on how track down potential purchasers based on your criteria.


First, I’d highly recommend to try and get their email or phone number.  The best way to do that is through a pop-up or slide-out form.  Here’s a guide to help you out there:


If visitors are spending that much time on your site, then you can have a pop-up that shows maybe on certain pages or after a certain amount of time.  To get more advanced conditions, try a service like Privvy or JustUno for pop-ups.


Now, once you have their info in Klaviyo you can use the power of segments to send personalized messages. 


I would challenge against the criteria of time on site.  Someone could have just left their browser open for 30 minutes but wasn’t interested (I have a habit of doing this).


Maybe, instead, check to see if they’ve viewed a certain collection/product and not added to cart.


Curious, what would want to do with this segment?