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  • 21 October 2023
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I’m wondering if this is possible.


I want to build out a filtering system for my products (they choose 3-4 key characteristics of what they want in my product) and then the website will filter through the products and show them the applicable items.

What I’m wondering is if there’s any way to have an option for them to sign up for updates of products they’d like after they walk through this filtering process? 

So basically they’d be added to a segmented list that I can then email anytime products that match their filtering results are released? 


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3 replies

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No problem @ShannonM pleased to have helped.



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Oh that’s perfect! I think that’s exactly what I need. I’ll definitely look into this! Thank you. :) 

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Welcome to the comunity @ShannonM 

It is possible. 

I have a client for whom I’ve added a product selector. That’s a Shopify site and the app for the product selection is Octane AI. If you want to see it working, it’s here. Basically it’s a survey tool so not limited to product selection.

A visitor’s answers to the multiple questions leads them to a page listing the products relevant to them. In that product selector I’ve included an email opt-in which gets pushed to a Klaviyo list. Each answer they provide is pushed to Klaviyo as a custom property which I can use for segmentation, campaigns, and flows. 

It will be a similar process for other ecomm platforms and survey apps but you need to review how closely the integration is with Klaviyo to capture the responses as custom properties.

Hope that helps